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69 Z28 302 Crossram Pg. 2

The project started off with a correct 302 warranty replacement "CE" block, complete with 4-bolt mains and factory windage tray studs. The shortblock was complete when purchased, but upon disassembly and preliminary inspection, the connecting rods were deemed unserviceable, and although the bores were still standard, they were just outside of acceptable limits for a street-bound engine. Before any machine work began, the block was pressure checked and inspected for cracks to ensure there wouldn't be any nasty surprises once the engine was up and running. Everything passed with flying colors.

The block was treated to a .030" overbore and honed for a street moly ring set. The deck surfaces were left un-touched to spare the engine codes. The main bearing bores were checked for alignment and size and were found to be acceptable. Once everything had been inspected, machined and cleaned, all that was left to do was install a fresh set of cam bearings and oil galley plugs.

1969 Crossram 302 Z28 Engine Bare Block
One freshly machined and cleaned small block Chevy ready to be built

The crankshaft is an original GM "1178" forged steel unit which was in the shortblock when it was purchased. The crankshaft was magnafluxed and checked for straightness and found to be 100%. Both the main and the rod journals had already been turned down .010"-.010" during a previous life, and needed no further attention other than the obligatory polish job.

Z28 302 Crankshaft
No trick parts required here!

To fill the voids left where the original pistons and rods once resided, a set of SRP forged pistons were called into service, along with a set of Scat 5.700" I-beam connecting rods fitted with ARP rod bolts. A Speed Pro moly ring set was chosen to handle the duty of sealing up the cylinders.

302 Pictons and Rings