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Holley Needle and Seat Repairs Pg. 2

To remove the needle & seat, place a 5/8" wrench on the adjuster nut to hold it in place and loosen the set screw with a large flat blade screwdriver by turning the screw counter-clockwise. You may remove the screw completely if you wish, but it's not necessary at this point.Holley Carburetor needle and seat removal

With the set screw loosened, turn the adjuster nut counter-clockwise to thread the needle & seat up out of the float bowl. It will only come up about 3/8" before the threads disengage, but the o-ring will still be providing some resistance. Once the threads are disengaged, gently pull the needle & seat from the bowl.Holley Carburetor needle and seat

Here is the set screw with the small gasket, and the adjuster nut with the large gasket.

Be sure you don't lose those gaskets!Holley Carburetor needle and seat gaskets