Nick’s 67 427 Vette

Nick Liarakos’ 1967 427 3×2 Corvette





Nick says;

“One of the final elements of getting my 67 427/400 back on the road and running like new was restoration of the triple Holleys. I called on Eric Jackson for this project, based on the recommendation of many forum members and my own prior experience with the 3367 Holley on my 66 L-79. As usual, Eric’s workmanship and attention to detail on this project has been absolutely top notch. The carbs came out of the box looking so nice I wanted to display them on my desk and purchase a lesser set of carbs to actually use on the car. Just as with the 3367 he had restored for me prior, the triple stack runs flawlessly. In addition to top quality craftsmanship, his communication and customer service is truly excellent. I highly recommend him for any Holley-related work you may need.”

Thank YOU Nick!

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