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Vintage Musclecar Parts update: Fall 2023 and beyond;

There are some fairly significant changes that are going to take place for me and this business--effective pretty much immediately. No, there's nothing to be alarmed about, but I do have to slow things down a bit--for my own good.

I'll try to keep this as concise as possible (yeah, right);
I started this business around 2001--I was in my mid 30's at that time. Much to my surprise, it took off and very quickly started to grow at a steady pace year by year. Business over the last 5-ish years has been VERY good, but some things have changed--both personally and professionally--and as a result, I have to make the appropriate changes to go along with them. Please keep in mind that save for some invaluable help from my lovely assistant Rachel, I'm a one man show, and have been for quite a long time--even before I started this business.
On a personal note;
In one capacity or another, from roughly 1985 through 2014 I was involved in caring for a number of ailing family members. Around 2007-2008 my father's health began to fail, and by that time my family was down to just he & I--and Rachel, of course. Everyone else was gone.
I somehow managed to juggle running the business while taking care of him at the same time--not an easy feat, but it had to be done. He passed in 2014, and unfortunately I was left to deal with a significant number of his personal messes he had left behind for me--and I still had the business to run.
As I look back now, 2008-2014 seems like it was all just yesterday. In reality, one day I was in my early 40's running a moderately sized but growing business, then one day I was caring for my ailing father, and now I find myself alone (--save for Rachel, of course--) sneaking up on 60 a lot faster than I care to admit--and running a much busier business--in a MUCH WORSE business climate.
Anyone who's been following this business and/or my Vintage Facebook page for any length of time is familiar with the variety of projects I have in process...and they're also familiar with how long it's taken me to get those projects to come to fruition--several of which are essentially complete, but still have yet to come to life.
The situation with my beloved `95 Suburban and my relatively newly acquired Dually "Yeti" are a perfect example. I'd been trying for well over 10 years to find a suitable fill-in for my Suburban so I could get it off the road for some desperately needed repairs and upgrades. Unfortunately it took me a LOT longer than it should have to find a suitable fill-in, but roughly 2 years ago I picked up Yeti and got started on resurrecting it--which turned out to be quite a bit more of a project than I'd really planned for.
While I have been able to get some things done on Yeti on my own, 90%+of the work I've been forced to sub out to Super Tech (a local automotive & truck repair facility) due to the simple fact that I didn't have the necessary time to work on it myself. The fact that I'm sneaking up on 60 now and have a pretty significant arthritis issue definitely hasn't helped those matters--just a few years ago, I was still able to knock out 8-10 hour work days 6+ days a week, but I can't do that any more. If I can get an honest 8 ours in out in the shop 5 days a week, I'm doing better than normal--and that doesn't include the hours in the office doing paperwork or scouring eBay and Facebook Marketplace for parts and participating on a variety of automotive forums. In some capacity or another, I've been working 7 days a week for probably close to the last 10 years.
I recently had what some might call an "ah-ha" moment--or perhaps more accurately, an "oh sh*t" moment--it frankly hit me over the head that if I'm lucky, I've got maybe another 10-12 years to be able to get these projects completed and actually be able to enjoy them to some extent. While that might sound like a long time to some, considering how disturbingly quickly the last 20-ish years have flown by for me, it's anything but a long time in reality.
In a nutshell, after spending the last 40-ish years of my life dedicated to others, I need to spend some time dedicated to myself while I still can.
I've said this repeatedly, and I'll say it again--no, I have no intentions of retiring. I honestly enjoy what I do, and I plan to do it for as long as I am able to do so. However, business-wise, I have to slow things down a bit.
What that means in layman's terms is this; for restoration work, turn-around times are going to be considerably longer than they are now. I've quoted 4-8 weeks on restorations for years now, but effective pretty much immediately that's going to be stretched out to 3-4 months *minimum*, probably longer. Of course I will continue to get things done in as timely a manner as possible, so some jobs may still be turned around in a week or two, it all depends on how everything else is going--but don't count on it. That of course includes rush jobs--if you're in a hurry to get something back, you MUST consult with me first to see how the timeline looks.
Two of the main reasons I'm extending the turn-around time on restorations is because of how labor-intensive they are, and the ever rising costs of having to outsource certain things--which also adds in another possible extended turn-around time factor. I'll still try to get basic rebuilds done as quickly as possible, but again--plan accordingly.
Lastly, with winter fast approaching as I write this--anything that comes in during the winter months will likely be subject to an even longer turn-around time. My arthritis is bad enough as it is during the warmer months, but winters have become brutal--even with heat in the shop.
To wrap up this little novella; do you know what life and a roll of toilet paper have in common?--the closer you get to the end, the faster they both start to run out.
I really hope y'all understand where I'm coming from. I just want to try to enjoy part of my life while I'm still able to do so.

2022 News:


Effective as of 06/25/22--DO NOT under ANY circumstances use UPS to ship anything inbound to Vintage. If you fail to heed this warning, anything UPS damages, loses--or steals from you will be your responsibility to deal with.



Effective as of 9/19/2022:
This is an update to my NEW Corvette carburetor customer policy. Again, this applies only to NEW clients whom I've not directly done business with in the past, this does NOT apply to currently established clients.
As of Monday September 19th 2022, I will again tentatively (<---NOTE THAT TERM!) begin accepting Corvette carburetors in for servicing from NEW clients--BUT!!!--it will be under VERY stringent conditions--read this thoroughly and carefully, and be forewarned I'm not sugar coating anything here. This will be blunt, direct, and to the point, but I would advise that you read the entire thing before jumping to any conclusions:
There will be NO FORMAL WARRANTY AT ALL on ANY new client Corvette carburetor work.
Read that again.
Now read it one more time.
Here's how this is going to work;
In the event there is an issue, if you can conduct yourself in an adult manner and bring the situation to my attention without being a stereotypical "Corvette Snob"/pompous ass, chances are I will likely be able to assist you. (Thankfully, I know this will apply to the vast majority)
However, should you choose to show your ass and display an attitude and act like a stereotypical "Corvette Snob", you'll promptly be told to take a walk.
Note that this will be 100% solely at MY discretion. Take it or leave it. If you don't like it, don't send your carburetor to me for servicing, send it somewhere else. Period.
I am going to refer to this as my "Golden Rule" warranty policy. Hopefully the reason why is self-explanatory.
If you are good with this, then chances are you're aware of the inexcusable level of arrogant blowhard know-it-all douchebags that have deeply embedded themselves within the classic Corvette community, and as such you know where I'm coming from regarding all this. If you're not OK with this, chances are you probably aren't the kind of client I want to do business with anyways.
Here's an easy litmus test: If you frequently refer to someone else as "Bubba" when you've encountered someone else's work that has been done to a Corvette that doesn't meet your standards, chances are you're one of the "Corvette Snob"/pompous ass types I was referring to above.
Yes, I'm fully aware of the condescending tone of this message--it was 100% intended to come across that way. To the 95%, this is NOT directed towards you. You are warmly welcomed, and again, hopefully you understand the reason I've had to take this position. I again apologize for having to take such a blunt approach, and again reiterate that it isn't directed towards you.
To the other 5%, the condescending tone of this message IS 100% directed towards you. It's not very pleasant when someone talks down to you like you're a child, is it? However, since you have chosen to act like children, you will be addressed as such. Maybe this will serve as a little life lesson for you. Now, go somewhere else. You're not welcomed here, and you will not be missed.
I need to note that the ONLY reason I am tentatively changing this policy is because of the staggering number of Corvette inquiries I've had since February from would-be clients who have been genuinely understanding of my situation--the overwhelming majority have acknowledged there is indeed an enormous issue with said douchebags within the classic Corvette community, but most are afraid to speak up for fear of reprisal. Some of those in agreement with me have been from the upper echelons of certain well-known Corvette organizations, but again, they are hesitant to speak up for fear of reprisal.
I don't have that problem, I don't care either way--clearly--or I wouldn't have shut the door on new Corvette work to begin with. I can take it or leave it--I'm doing just fine without the extra Corvette work, so it doesn't matter to me if this change brings in 1 new job or 100--or 0.
In closing: I do what I do not solely for the $ (which is good, I'll never deny that), I do it because I genuinely love these old cars and I enjoy helping to keep them alive and on the road. I've also enjoyed meeting new customers and making new friends along the way. If you're of the same mindset, then chances are we'll work together just fine.
However, if your sole priority is all about the money or the judging points--if you're the type who lives just to pick the fly shit out of the pepper, you really need to find someone else who will be willing to put up with you and your bullshit, because it's not happening here.
It's disappointing that I'm forced to single out one segment of an entire industry like this to address this issue, but someone has to do it. The douchebag 5% have become the perceived norm in the public eye in regards to the classic Corvette community--is that really how you want to be represented? There's only one way this situation will ever improve for you, and that's for you to start policing yourselves and calling out the troublemakers within your ranks. It would be different if this were a common issue amongst other classic automotive demographics, but it isn't--this stigma is universally known to be associated with the classic Corvette community. It's up to the 95% to change that.
Lastly--going back to the beginning of this update; note the "tentatively"--that means that this is going to be on a trial basis. $1.00 worth of free advice: don't be the jerk-off who screws things up for everybody else again, because this time you will be publicly be called out by name.


*We ship twice a week on Tuesdays and Fridays.

*UPDATED 9/27/2023: Turn-around times will be quoted as a minimum of 4-6 weeks for basic rebuilds, and 12+ weeks for restorations. If you have a "rush" job, please contact us before sending anything in. Email is the preferred method of contact.

FAQ's and Shipping Information

STOP!!! Read!

As of 1-1-2020, we will no longer service the following carburetor models:

-Electronic Quadrajets

-Holley spread bore carburetors

Holley "Teapot" carburetors

-Autolite 4300 carburetors

"Can you just fix this one thing for me?" Effective immediately, due to recent difficulties performing minor repairs as a result of poor prior service or restoration work by other vendors I will no longer be accepting in any carburetors for "partial" repairs and/or service. Any carburetor shipped in for servicing will now be subject to a minimum service of a full basic rebuild, even if previously fully restored by another company.

Rochester & Carter built Quadrajet carburetors: I do not service electronic feedback (computer controlled) carburetors. As my resources for "hard parts" (castings, linkages, throttle shafts, etc.) for Quadrajet carburetors is extremely limited, I am requesting that customers make every attempt to ensure their carburetor is complete and intact before sending it in. Carburetors arriving damaged or incomplete will result in an extended service time.

Smog/Emission spec carburetors: Due to the fact that these particular units are calibrated exceptionally lean from the factory, these carburetors will most often require significant recalibration to perform satisfactorily with today's fuel blends. As such, please note that these carburetors will not be "smog legal" after being serviced, and they may also have diminished fuel mileage capabilities as well. There may be additional costs involved with these carburetors, and the costs will vary depending on which model of carburetor is being serviced.

Warranty re-check policy: In the event that a malfunctioning carburetor is suspected, the first thing that must be done is to ensure beyond a reasonable doubt that the carburetor actually is the problem, and if it is, that it's not a simple case of installation error or mis-adjustment. Nearly all the carburetors I receive back for a re-check have either fallen victim to fuel contamination or some form of mis-adjustment. I do make every effort to ensure a carburetor is correct before it is returned to the customer, but mistakes do happen now and then, and in the event something was missed during servicing, I will correct the issue at no cost to the customer and they will be reimbursed for their shipping expenses (no overnight or express services, standard ground shipping only). However, any issues which are the result of improper installation or contamination will be subject to a minimum $95.00 service fee in addition to the return shipping charges. This is why I'm asking that the customer make every possible effort to ensure the carburetor is at fault lest they incur additional expenses unnecessarily. Please review the warranty information provided for further details, and if you have any questions, please feel free to ask.

Note that there is NO WARRANTY on ANY non-OEM carburetors.

Holley carburetors with side pivot float bowls: Be advised that ALL Holley carburetors with side pivot float bowls will have any casting plugs chemically sealed in order to protect against the possibility of leaks. There will be no exceptions to this process. This includes Corvette carburetors. (Judging points do not take precedence over the potential risk of an engine fire!)

NOTE! Previously rebuilt, restored or "remanufactured" carbs:
Carburetors which have been previously rebuilt are welcomed. However, if your carburetor has been previously rebuilt by a volume "remanufacturer" (look for a sticker of some sort on the carburetor), please do not send it in, I won't even bother to open it up. There will be NO EXCEPTIONS to this policy. These carbs are notorious for having incorrect parts installed and are more of a problem than they are worth. If you do send one in, you will immediately be contacted and advised of the situation, and it will be returned as delivered once return shipping arrangements have been made. Carburetors which have been previously restored are also welcomed. However, please be advised that the chromate finish(es) on previously restored carburetors may be compromised during the cleaning process. This is dependent on the quality of the previous restoration, and as such I can not make any guarantees in regards to the preservation of previously restored or rebuilt carburetors. Carburetors with intact original finishes normally do not exhibit any deterioration during the cleaning process, but those with compromised finished will likely be dulled.

"What's the difference between a rebuild and a restoration?"

A basic rebuild consists of dis-assembling the carburetor completely, cleaning, machining the appropriate mating surfaces flat again, repairing or replacing any damaged or excessively worn components, and re-assembling the carburetor using all new gaskets and OEM quality (or better) components. A restoration consists of all of the above, but also includes removing the remnants of the carburetors original finish(es), and re-plating all the components back to their original appearance.


I refinish all my carburetors using the appropriate, correct chemicals and processes. I do NOT use spray paint on any of my carburetors.

"Will my carburetor be ready to install when I receive it? Will I have to perform any adjustments myself?"

Your carburetor will have all the basic adjustments pre-set and will be ready to install when you receive it. However, there are some final adjustments you will be required to perform once the carburetor is up & running. Float levels will be pre-set on carburetors w/o externally adjustable floats; all carburetors with externally adjustable floats (i.e. most Holleys) will require adjustment. You will also be required to perform final adjustments on the choke settings, fast idle speed, curb idle speed and idle mixture trim settings. If you aren't sure how to perform these adjustments, I will try to help you along, just ask.

"How long does it take to rebuild and restore a carburetor?"

Updated 09/27/2023: Turn-around times are typically quoted at 4-6 weeks+ for rebuilds and 12+ weeks for restorations. I may be able to process "rush" jobs, but if you're in need of a quick turn-around, you must contact us before sending anything in.

"What if my carburetor is damaged, or missing some components? Can you still fix it?"

Updated 09/27/2023: Oftentimes carburetors will arrive with damaged or missing components, or even incorrect components installed. It's not at all uncommon for carburetors to arrive stripped of their choke hardware, or in the case of many Holley carbs, equipped with incorrect float bowls, metering blocks, and incorrect or broken throttle bodies. These components can usually be repaired or replaced, albeit at an additional cost--and an extended turn-around time depending on the availability of the necessary parts. Please consider that some of these components can be rather difficult to locate and rather expensive once they are located. [UPDATE] As I have been receiving more & more "salvage jobs/basket cases" in, please note that due to frequent delays in getting an "OK" from a client to proceed on one of these salvage jobs, effective immediately I will simply address any and all issues as needed (yes, this includes more expensive items and labor investments) up to what I consider to be the replacement value of the carburetor--core cost not factored in. If the cost to repair the carb will exceed the market value of the carb, I will contact you to advise you of the situation.  Plan (time and $$$) accordingly.

"What are your payment options?"

Payment options include cash, personal checks, bank checks, US postal money orders, and PayPal. We are able to accept credit cards, but only through PayPal. If you are a member of PayPal, you can pay your bill directly on the website under the "Pricing/Payment/Make a payment" drop down tab on the top right of the main page. If you are not a member of PayPal, we can send you an invoice through PayPal which they will allow you to process as a guest. International customers other than Canada may make payment via Western Union ONLY. All personal checks and bank checks will be held until they clear (3-5 business days minimum). Full payment is not required until the job is completed unless we are supplying a carburetor for you; in that case, we will quote you with a total and full payment will be required up-front before the job can begin. If you have provided a valid email address with your work request form, you will receive a tracking email when your item is to ship back. Please refrain from calling to inquire about shipping status unless you have received a tracking email and your item has not arrived in the allotted time frame.

"Do you offer a warranty?"

UPDATE: 06/25/2022: Due to quality control issues with new replacement brass floats over the last few years, effective as of 06/25/22 there is no longer any warranty on any brass floats, be they new or reconditioned originals. All restored and/or rebuilt items supplied or serviced by Vintage Musclecar Parts carry a 90 warranty valid from the date the item was shipped to the customer with the exception of non OEM carburetors. Non OEM carburetors will carry no warranty and are not returnable. This warranty is valid for the original purchaser only, and is non-transferable. Vintage Musclecar Parts warrants their serviced and/or restored components to be free of defects in workmanship or materials only, noting the previous exception re: brass floats. No other warranties are expressed nor implied and Vintage Musclecar Parts disclaims any and all liabilities that are not covered below.

This warranty covers only the items serviced by Vintage Musclecar Parts, and does not cover any persons, peripheral items, components, systems, nor any vehicle these components are installed on. Vintage Musclecar Parts' sole responsibility is to repair or replace the defective component only. If suitable repairs can not be made and a suitable replacement component is not available, at their discretion Vintage Musclecar Parts will refund the cost of any defective parts and/or services provided by Vintage Musclecar Parts to the customer. This warranty does not apply to any items that have been subjected to any non-oem modifications, non-oem installations and/or applications, improper installation and/or adjustments, misuse, neglect, accidents, damages in transit, any manner of contaminants, improper storage, improper modifications or repairs made after the component was delivered to the original purchaser, and any component(s) used in high performance or racing activities.

In the event of a warranty claim, the original purchaser must contact Vintage Musclecar Parts before returning the component. Items must be returned with a copy of the original invoice, and in packaging suitable for shipping. Vintage Musclecar Parts assumes no responsibility for any lost or damaged returned items that are insufficiently packaged or uninsured. This warranty supersedes any and all previous warranty information.

Any unauthorized disassembly, repairs, or modifications not performed by Vintage Musclecar Parts immediately voids any and all warranties. In the event of any warranty issues, the item must be returned to Vintage Musclecar Parts in the same condition they were delivered in for evaluation and any necessary repairs. Vintage Musclecar Parts will not under any circumstances offer any reimbursement for any work performed by any other sources or vendors. There will be absolutely no exceptions to this policy. By completing and submitting a work request form, you are agreeing 100% to the above terms and conditions. If you do not agree to the above terms and conditions, do NOT send your carburetor in for servicing.

"Do you do 'survivor' carburetors?"

I consider these to be the same thing as a basic rebuild, so there is no problem rebuilding your existing carburetor to "survivor" condition. However, if you contact me to purchase a carburetor directly from me, there will not be any price break for a rebuilt unit over a restored one; the price will be the same for the carburetor whether you purchase it as a fully restored unit, or as a basic rebuilt "survivor" carburetor. I do not sell carburetors as "cores".

"How do you handle shipping?"

We ship twice a week on Tuesdays and Fridays via FedEx, or USPS for international customers. If you have a shipping account with another carrier you can arrange your own return shipping as long as you schedule your own pick-up appointment. We will not be responsible for any damages that occur during shipping under any circumstances, and return shipping insurance for the full value to replace the item is mandatory, even for international customers. Customs forms will be filled out accurately and will reflect the full value of the item or service(s) provided, no exceptions.

Shipping information: First and foremost--this is VERY important!

Please note the following changes: All jobs must be accompanied by the work request/shipping form which can be found on the top right of the main page. The shipping form must be completely filled out (typed only, no hand-written forms please!) and e-mailed to us before any work can begin on your items. You do NOT have to print the form and include it with your carburetor, just click the "send" button at the bottom of the form after you've filled it out, this will e-mail me a completed copy of the form. When you package the carburetor, include a note in the box so I can match it up to the shipping form when it arrives.

Shipping instructions: This is VERY important, please don't mess this part up. When shipping a carb in, make sure to use a box that provides plenty of room for the carburetor. USPS $8.00 flat rate boxes are NOT satisfactory. I recommend a minimum size of 14" wide, 14" deep, and 8" deep, which is the same size I use. DO NOT USE FOAM PACKING PEANUTS TO SHIP YOUR CARB!I have had more carbs arrive damaged from shifted foam peanuts than from ALL other causes combined. I recommend either heavy-duty bubble wrap, or heavy duty shipping paper. A good indicator that your item is safe to ship is when you can hold the box closed and shake it and you can't feel or hear the item moving inside the box. I also strongly recommend insuring your carburetor for its full replacement value for inbound shipping.

Here is an example of how NOT TO ship your parts:


This is exactly how I found these carbs when this box was opened. Yes, they were damaged, and yes, there were additional charges to repair the damage.

Absolutely no walk-in business, even if you're local. Items will only be accepted through a shipping carrier. Any applicable State sales taxes will be collected as required unless you can provide a valid tax ID number, there are NO exceptions to this, so do NOT ask. If you have read this far, you can click here to access the work request/shipping form. I apologize for the inconvenience, but I'm doing this in an attempt to make sure people read all the shipping instructions before sending anything to me.

That covers the basics. If you have any other questions, please don't hesitate to ask. Feel free to give us a call during business hours which are Monday through Friday from 10:00-6:00 and Saturdays from 10:00-2:00 Eastern time or send us an email.

Thank you for considering Vintage Musclecar Parts as your carburetor resource.

These terms and conditions including warranty information are subject to change without notice.

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